Carnforth calls for action over parking peril

Parking on the pavements in Carnforth
Parking on the pavements in Carnforth

Residents and business owners in Carnforth are calling for an overhaul of parking restrictions in the town centre.

Carnforth residents say they are getting frustrated and businesses say they are losing trade because of the current arrangements.

Town councillors heard at a recent meeting that the main cause of the problem is that a growing number of people are parking all day – and in one case for 22 days – blocking up valuable on street car parking for visitors, residents and shoppers.

Calls are now being made for a residents’ only parking zone with a one hour wait for visitors.

Carnforth and Millhead town councillor John Reynolds said: “Current town centre parking arrangements are frustrating residents, and having a negative impact businesses.”

He said that the meeting also heard of “poor and inconsiderate parking”, parking on pavements, and parking on double yellow lines and dropped curbs, which are all becoming “commonplace” in Carnforth.

Parents with prams and young children, and the elderly and the disabled are being forced into the road because they can’t negotiate around cars parked on pavements, residents said.

Coun Reynolds added: “It’s only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured due to careless parking.

“More enforcement is needed to eradicate this issue.”

Residents expressed most concern for the area around Carnforth High School in Kellet Road, describing a situation where “you can barely move up there at school pick -up time”.

Everyone present at the meeting on May 22 agreed that Lancashire County Council would be approached to establish a residents’ only parking zone with a one hour wait for people accessing businesses and services.

Coun Reynolds added: “All too often we don’t see value here in Carnforth in terms of policing and regulatory enforcement.

“I will work with colleagues in city and county council, as well as our newly elected county councillor to secure better levels of service.”

A spokesman for Lancashire County Council said: “We’re aware of the pressures in parking in this area 
and would be happy to discuss the issues raised with