Building for the future as brickworks fires up again

Claughton Brick Works
Claughton Brick Works

Production at Claughton brickworks, near Lancaster, is due to start again next year - four years after the plant was mothballed.

Hanson Building Products scaled back work at the site in 2009 as the housing market was hit by the recession.

But, as revealed by the Guardian in summer, bosses want to start production again after seeing demand for bricks increase.

The 34 jobs which were lost have been reinstated and two thirds of the people filling the new roles are staff who were made redundant.

Company spokesman David Weeks said: “At the start of this year we started to see a bit of recovery, prompted by the Government’s Help to Buy scheme.

“We weren’t really sure if this was temporary or a sustainable recovery. When we got to March and April we started to see things picking up.

“We decided then to put on additional shifts in Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire and bring Claughton Manor back into production.

“The site wasn’t closed, just mothballed; there was a small presence on site.”

The kilns will be fired-up again in mid December after a £500,000 upgrade of the site.

Bosses hope to produce around 30 million bricks a year at the plant.