Bookstore returns as social enterprise

A popular independent bookstore turned music shop is changing again.

Atticus in King Street, first opened 25 years ago, and was a popular bookstore until its owner Tom Flemons moved on.

Now Tom is back, taking over the premises from his son Kit , who has been managing the shop for nearly three years , selling musical instruments and supporting local music.

During his time away, Tom was in Indonesia studying the language and working as a volunteer at the Tasikoki Wild Life Animal Rescue Centre .

He said: “When Kit said he was leaving the shop I realised that I could work with books again and support Tasikoki and, I hope, other Indonesian charities. As well as books, we will continue to sell small musical instruments and a variety of things we like the look of.

“I want to run the shop as a social enterprise , supporting Tasikoki but offering the shop window to local causes as well .”

The shop will support local musicians by playing and selling their CDs.

Charities that want to promote their cause can apply to use the shop on an occasional basis.

“Supporting Tasikoki is what made me think about using the shop differently. The environment is threatened in Indonesia and reflects the dangers to wildlife and the environment in so many places in the world . I realised I could continue to support their work by raising funds through the shop . And a conversation with a friend who works with the education charity , Hope One World , gave rise to the idea of using the shop to promote local charities also.”

Atticus is hoping to get donations of good quality books , especially books on South-East Asia , Lancashire , the environment and philosophy and literature . Tom and helpers will work for the minimum wage and all profits will go to the chosen charities. Donors will be able to keep track of who their donations have helped by following Tom’s blog which will give details of Tasikoki and any local charities helped through Atticus.

“We’ve had some wonderful donations already “ says Tom , “ but we will need to engage the public in continuing to support us with their donations .”

The shop will open on October 10th and as part of The Lancaster Music Festival will host various artists on that day . Come along , enjoy yourself and learn more about what Atticus is hoping to do for Tasikoki , Hope One World and local charities concerned with the environment especially.