3,000 and out as Roger retires

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After supervising more than 3,000 clients over a 38 year period, one of the longest serving probation officers in the country has retired.

Roger Frankland has left Lancashire Probation Trust’s Lancaster Office at the end of a career that began on September 1 1974.

Roger, 62, claims he was ‘born to be a probation officer’ and, despite a career spanning almost four decades, he retains a memory of his clients that is akin to a computer filing system.

He moved from London to Lancashire in 1985, starting his career working in the magistrates’ court.

After moving to Lancaster then Morecambe, he moved back to Lancaster in 1995 where he has retained the same office for the last 18 years.

Roger he has made numerous plans for retirement.

He said: “I used to be a member of the Lancashire Local Involvement Network (LINK) and my area of interest was prisoner and traveller health.

“I am still interested in this subject and would like to be involved in it in some way.

“I am also interested in voluntary work and would like to help feed elderly people at lunchtime during the week.” Roger remains steadfast in his belief that the national probation service is an ‘absolutely crucial’ part of society.

He said: “If the police are the thin blue line then we are the thin purple line.

The skills, experience and knowledge of probation officers are vital in dealing with individual people who have individual problems.”

Chief executive of Lancashire Probation Trust Kevin Robinson said: “Over the years, Roger has helped a huge amount of our service users to reintegrate into society and become law abiding members of the community.

“He is a very well-known face across north Lancashire and a real character.

“It will be sad to see him go as his work has been a credit to the service.

“We all wish him well.”