BTP pledge to step up efforts

British Transport Police.
British Transport Police.

As the new football season gets under way, British Transport Police and train companies have pledged to step up efforts to ensure fans and other passengers have trouble free journeys on match days.

Each season, more and more people are attending football matches with many choosing the railway as the preferred method of getting to and from games.

This coupled with already increased passenger numbers across the network, means that trains at weekends are extremely busy with a mix of holiday makers, shoppers, commuters and football fans – all of whom want to get to and from their destinations safely and securely.

Assistant Chief Constable Stephen Thomas, who oversees all BTP’s football-related activities, said: “Football remains a significant challenge for us, simply because of the sheer numbers of people travelling in relatively similar periods of time. We work closely with the rail companies and the football clubs themselves to ensure football passengers are well informed about any potential issues and which services and stations are most appropriate.”