Bruno backs our Hannah

BOXING legend Frank Bruno is heading to Morecambe next month to support a young woman who recently had surgery to give her a bionic stomach.

Despite an operation in August that cost her family £20,000, Hannah Westworth, 20, from Broadway, Morecambe, is still struggling with day-to-day life, and was only last week rushed to Liverpool Aintree Hospital after collapsing in Lancaster city centre.

A spokesman for Frank Bruno said the former World Heavyweight boxing champion was looking forward to helping to support Hannah.

Hannah, a former Ripley St Thomas CE Academy pupil, has a rare condition called gastroparesis, causing her to vomit up to 50 times a day, and has resulted in her losing hair, toenails and over half her body weight.

She cannot digest any solid or liquid food, and her weight is continuing to drop.

It currently stands at 45kg, or seven stones.

Hannah had a gastric stimulator, or bionic stomach, fitted in August, intended to help the stomach to move food through her gut.

But she has struggled to recover from the surgery, so much so that doctors had to turn it off because her body couldn’t cope with it.

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