Brewery hosts another great charity event

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Stick me in a brewery with a day long programme of live music and an array of international food stalls and, needless to say, I’m a happy man.

Glastonbrewery certainly ticks all the boxes when it comes to guilty pleasures, and the damp weather failed to stop 1,200 people enjoying themselves at Lancaster Brewery at Lancaster Leisure Park on Saturday.

The event, organised by Zoe Hamilton to raise money for the Bay Aque Therapy charity, is in its second year, and was a great success by all accounts.

We took the kids there in the afternoon and they had lots of fun dancing and throwing eachother about in front of the stage, which was made out of the back of a lorry and situated outside in the brewery’s new beer garden.

It was my daughter Zoe’s first gig, and after getting to grips with the concept of it all, she danced merrily along to The Idol Minds and The Convulsions.

I was particularly impressed with guitar slinging singer Joe McCorriston, a budding Frank Turner if ever there was one.

We took the kids home at tea time, and returned with friends for the evening session and some “adult time”.

Covers band Stopwatch Wilson created a party mood, and then there were shows from Manchester bands The Ordinary and Velocets.

Young Lancaster rockers Cry Baby Aeroplanes! finished off the night on a high, before everyone that was left piled inside the brewery for an hour or two of cheesey tunes from Lancaster’s PartyU DJs.

The set up at Lancaster Brewhouse and Tap is excellent, and the festival made good use of the space.

Glastonbrewery is another welcome addition to Lancaster’s musical calendar, and is made even more poingnant because of the cause behind it. Check out