Brave Lancaster mum’s charity head shave to help daughter

Eva with her daughter Nicola after the head shave.
Eva with her daughter Nicola after the head shave.

A Lancaster mum has had her head shaved to raise money to help people with the rare genetic condition her daughter suffers from.

Eva Szczesniak and two friends shaved off all their hair to raised funds for Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC), which affects her four-year-old daughter Nicola.

The Tuberous Sclerosis Association (TSA) has supported Nicola and her family since her diagnosis at three weeks old.

Eva and friends hope their efforts will help the TSA to carry out its mission to help people affected by this genetic disorder which causes benign tumours to grow in vital organs like the brain, lungs and kidneys.

Nicola, who has rarely been free from epilepsy caused by growths in her brain and is still not able to speak, has already inspired family, friends and even strangers to raise money for the TSA.

Recently her father, Lucas, undertook a 170 mile sponsored cycle ride supported by his boss and colleagues at AJM Decorating.

But this time it was the turn of mum, Eva, who, with her sister Kamila Ankutowicz and friend Lucie Hamilton, gathered at The Robert Gillow in Lancaster on Saturday to have all the hair shaved from their heads.

Eva felt that the loss of her hair was nothing compared with everything Nicola has endured and the tremendous support the family has received from the TSA

She said: “My gorgeous girl’s fighting spirit, bravely coping with her TSC and even the pain of major surgery, is an incentive to do anything for her.

“We are grateful for everything the Tuberous Sclerosis Association does and the genuine hope for the future which its research is bringing.

“I actually love my new look and am planning to keep it like this for the time being. It is a great chance to raise awareness about TSC and what it means for Nicola because so many people ask me about my hair.”

The trio have so far raised £2,000 for the charity.

To donate to Eva’s Justgiving page at