Brace yourself to play Ball

Funnyman Bobby Ball comes to Lancaster next week.
Funnyman Bobby Ball comes to Lancaster next week.

A new play written by veteran funnyman Bobby Ball comes to Lancaster this month.

The Dressing Room, a comedy, is on tour now with an all-star cast, including Bobby himself, and it arrives at the Grand Theatre in Lancaster on Thursday September 10.

DOUBLE ACT: Cannon and Ball (S)

DOUBLE ACT: Cannon and Ball (S)

Also taking starring roles are Bobby’s long-time comedy cohort Tommy Cannon, as well as Stu Francis, Johnny Casson and Kate Robbins.

A spokesman for the production said: “The Dressing Room gives the audience a sneak preview into life behind the scenes of a touring variety show.

“Set backstage in the dressing room, each act waits their turn to be called to the stage.

“One by one they make their performance before returning to the hub of activity in the dressing room where gossip and misunderstandings continue.

“The audience gets to see what goes on both sides of the curtains and what a performer goes through in the dressing room.”

Bobby said: “I am really excited about doing the play and working with such great people and I am sure the audience will love it.

“The audience get to watch each star perform their own variety act as well as see the things that happen backstage that an audience don’t usually get to see. The gossip, what we think of the audience and lots more!”

Tickets £15/£13 conc, see or call 01524 64695.