Boy’s tribute to beloved gran

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A seven-year-old boy has put a smile back on his family’s face after they lost his beloved Grandma earlier this year.

Kind-hearted Luke Wainwright decided to set about raising money for MacMillan Cancer Support after his nana succumbed to lung cancer.

Christine Wainwright, 58, of Ingleton, lost her battle in February this year but wanted the nurses to be recognised for their compassionate care.

Luke’s mum, Anne-Marie McCallister, 26, of Gressingham Drive, Hala, picks up the story: “He was really close to his Grandma and was crying and really upset.

“We found a really sweet way of telling him and said: ‘Grandma’s gone to be a bright star in the sky looking down over all the kids. So he sits at night to find the brightest star in the sky and see Grandma.”

Mrs McAllister admits the family have had a tough year with the sudden loss of their mother-in-law, who was taken ill on New Year’s Eve and also bereaved Luke’s granddad, George.

“The last few months have been really tough but Luke said he wanted to do something to make everyone smile again,” said Mrs McAllister.

Finding inspiration from a TV show, Luke decided to raise £100 but has already surpassed his target and wants to see how much more he can raise.

The Moorside Primary pupil said: “Grandma had a lot of bracelets and liked them so I decided I wanted to make some bracelets and sell them. I am selling them through Facebook, friends, family, stalls outside local shops and I am going to ask my school if we can do a stall there.

“I have lots more ideas of how to raise money like auctioning donations, raffles. A very kind photographer in Canada is even going to auction a picture of his, then all of the money will be going into my justgiving account to Macmillan.”

The family – including Dad Steve, who works at Asda in Lancaster, and sister Courtney, five, have been taken aback by the generosity of companies who they asked for donations and people on Facebook to help make the bracelets – receiving boxes of beads.

Donate online to Luke, at or through his facebook page....