Boom Band ready to explode

Wilbert Zinzara, MC for the Boom Bike Big Band.
Wilbert Zinzara, MC for the Boom Bike Big Band.

SIX young people from Lancaster and Morecambe have been chosen to join a groundbreaking new mobile group, the Boom Bike Big Band.

The band members, aged between 15 and 22, were chosen by Morecambe-based community organisation, More Music, to perform at a number of events taking place throughout the summer.

They form part of the Blaze project, a youth-led culture and sport participation programme. Last week, electric guitarist, Connor Gallagher, 17, clarinet and accordion player, Erin Whalley, 15, soprano saxophonist, Fabian Schomerus, 16, and rapper/vocalist Wilbert Sinzara, 18, all from Lancaster, joined 21 and 22-year-old music leaders, Ashley Murphy and Matt Robinson, from Morecambe, at More Music HQ for the band’s first rehearsal.

Their first performance will be at the Blaze Urban Culture Jam Festival, which takes place at Accrington Skate Park on Monday August 29.

There they will play alongside Dan Fox, director of Ulverston-based Sound Intervention.

See the Lancaster Guardian (25-08-11) for full story.