Body cameras fitted to deter Lancashire traffic warden attacks

Traffic wardens around the county have been fitted with body cameras because of the problem of irate motorists attacking them.
A Lancashire parking enforcement officer with cameraA Lancashire parking enforcement officer with camera
A Lancashire parking enforcement officer with camera

After 10 recorded incidents of abuse of parking enforcement officers in Lancashire last year, the county council has brought in body cameras.

The small cameras, worn on a harness over the wardens’ jackets, will record constantly while they are on duty.

It is hoped that the cameras will deter abuse and attacks.

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However, if necessary, the data from the cameras can be stored securely and will be available to view or downloaded and used for evidence in a court case.

County councillor John Fillis, cabinet member for highways and transport, said: “Our parking enforcement officers do a very valuable job and these digital cameras will help to keep them safe by deterring the small minority of people who subject them to physical attack or verbal attack.

Parking restrictions are vital to keep our roads safe and ensure people can find somewhere to park their car in busy areas. I’m very grateful that we have a dedicated team of enforcement officers, and I hope the body cameras help them feel safer doing what, unfortunately, is sometimes a difficult job.

“Other councils have already found these cameras to be very useful.

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“The information collected by the cameras is not used to enforce parking but can be passed to the police to use in evidence if one of our officers is attacked.”

Police issued an appeal for witnesses after a traffic warden was racially abused by two men in a street in Clitheroe.

The pair shouted racist remarks at the Asian traffic warden as he went about his work.

PC Justin Brown said: “This was absolutely unacceptable behaviour which has left the victim feeling very upset.”