BMW ploughs through garden wall

Car crash in Bay Horse on Wednesday May 6
Car crash in Bay Horse on Wednesday May 6

A Bay Horse resident is urging drivers on the A6 to slow down after a BMW smashed through his garden wall on Wednesday morning, May 6.

John Askew said it was the fourth time a vehicle had careered off the road and into his garden, and the tenth accident he had seen on the A6 since moving into the property in Cockerham Road eleven years ago.

The incident, which occurred at 9.30am, resulted in the dark blue BMW smashing through the front wall of John’s garden, causing stones to hurtle through his dining room window, smashing the window frame and a dresser inside.

John said: “Thankfully no-one was in at the time.

“It’s normally artic lorries that end up through the wall, but the highways agency has changed the road layout and that seems to have stopped. But it hasn’t stopped altogether, as you can see from the picture.

“A lot of people drive far too quickly down the A6, and they really need to slow down.

“By the looks of things the driver was going straight on, swerved to miss someone, and missed the junction completely.

“There’s a lot of overtaking on this road, and people just need to slow down and take more care on this very dangerous stretch of road.”

Police say they got a call at 9.25am and arrived at the scene to find the driver with no significant injuries. The road re-opened at 11.30am.