Blondie stars at Kendal Calling

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KENDAL called, and Blondie answered with an exceptional performance, closing the festival’s main stage on Sunday night.

My initial scepticism that Debbie Harry could still pull it off gave way to disbelief, and then genuine admiration for the New York diva and her extremely talented band, not to mention a fantastic back catalogue of hits that sound much better live than on the radio.

Hanging on the Telephone, Heart of Glass, Call Me, One Way or Another and Tide is High most definitely rocked Kendal Calling’s biggest crowd of the weekend, following a cleverly-organised and talented Sunday main stage line-up.

Stranglers’ lead singer Hugh Cornwell preceded the Lancashire Hotpots, Frank Turner and the Levellers before Blondie took to the stage, creating a very definite “English identity” feel to the afternoon that had to be intentional?

All were excellent.

Kendal Calling seemed to have acquired a lot more front in 2011, this perhaps due to it winning Best Small Festival in last year’s UK Festival Awards.

The event in general had a great vibe, there were more “walk around performances”, more site art, and a wider range of sundries – but, kids, why get so wasted?

There was definitely a little bit too much front on the drinks price list – a can of Carlsberg was on sale for £3.50, and real ale, despite the excellent choice and quality from the Lake District’s finest brewers, was a crippling £3.80 a pint.

See the Lancaster Guardian (04-08-11) for full story.