Big Hurrah for all the new releases

The Low Countries
The Low Countries

LANCASTER bands and musicians have been busy recording albums and singles, resulting in a raft of new releases over the last few weeks.

Anglo-Flemish indie-folk duo The Low Countries released their fourth album Summer’s Last Hurrah on Nub Country Records, on October 30.

Nigel Parrington and Els D’hooge, who live in Lancaster, write and perform the songs together, and the new album contains 14 eclectic indie-folk-pop songs.

The band play at the Gregson Centre on November 26, as part of a Diversity FM fund-raiser open mic session, and they also have their fourth guest spot on Sally Naden’s show on Radio Lancashire on December 21.

Former Lancaster band The Wisemen, active between 1999 and 2007, recorded four new songs in 2009/10 to mark 10 years, one of which has been selected by Regular Beat Recordings of Liverpool to appear on a new compilation called Songs From a Bedroom – A Regular Beat Compilation.

Described by the band as a “rather insistent minor keys blues” track, Creeping Blues features Scott Morley on lead guitar and harmonica, Paddy Garrigan on organ and fiddle and Richard Turner on vocals, guitar and bass.

For full story see the Lancaster Guardian (17-11-11).