Big-hearted heroes of Wolfwood

Wolfwood staff walk the dogs in their care.
Wolfwood staff walk the dogs in their care.
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Wolfwood is a charity based just outside Lancaster, devoted to the rescue and rehoming of homeless and abandoned dogs from our area.

And it’s not only dogs that enjoy the loving care offered by the staff and volunteers there; they also recover and take in orphaned and injured wildlife.

Round the clock hand-feeding and nursing of baby hedgehogs, thrushes, blackbirds, ducklings, great tits, goldfinch and countless other creatures is the norm for founder Stephen Wakelin and his team.

I didn’t know much about Wolfwood until earlier this year when my mum and I decided to adopt Tramp.

Before the arrival of this five-year-old scruffy bundle of cheekiness we had always bought our dogs from local breeders, but had been increasingly aware of the many wonderful dogs that needed adopting from places like Wolfwood.

Friends who had adopted rescues in the past had convinced us that these dogs were often more devoted and loving than the J-Los of the pedigree world, and they were right.

Having discovered the Wolfwood website we watched the arrival of many new dogs but when Tramp appeared it was love at first sight.

First of all mum went to meet him and chat to Stephen.

The first visit was a success so we went back several times, took him out for walks and introduced him to our other dogs.

Great care is taken over matching dogs with potential new owners and the result is lots of happy dogs who find new happy homes and don’t end up having to come back to Wolfwood and start again.

It’s only through visiting Wolfwood that we realised just how much food the dogs eat every day, and the small mountains of mealworms that the birds get through, especially in spring.

Wolfwood has a no destruction policy which means that they take care of dogs for long periods of time.

Paying for all that food, vet’s bills and equipment is a real strain on resources.

That is why, as a family, we want to do everything we can to help them and it is why I wanted to write this article.

Since our first visit we have been back to adopt rescue hens, who are now enjoying life in the great outdoors and laying us lots of lovely eggs.

We have had a good sort out of clothes and toys and taken them to the Wolfwood Charity Shop, located opposite Moorside Primary School, and we are planning Tramp’s fancy dress outfit for Wolfwood’s annual fundraiser and fun dog show in Ryelands Park.

The show is on Sunday, July 14, starting at 11am and finishing at 4pm, and sounds like a great day out.

The dogs show classes are all for fun and include things like ‘Dog that looks most like its owner’ and ‘Waggiest Tail’.

If you are thinking about getting a dog or would like to help the unwanted dogs and injured wildlife of our area, please come along to the show, visit the Wolfwood website or donate to the charity shop.

You could even volunteer to walk dogs. There are so many ways to support this great charity and have fun at the same time.

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