Bedroom fire started by home-made flame thrower

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A man using an aerosol can as a makeshift flamethrower started a fire in his bedroom.

The man made several attempts to put the fire out before being forced to escape from the heat and smoke.

Firefighters arrived at the property on Wenning Court on the Grosvenor Park estate and put the fire out before clearing the heavily smoke-logged house.

The bedroom was severely damaged in the fire.

The man was taken to the Royal Lancaster Infirmary for treatment for the effects of smoke inhalation.

The fire was deemed accidental due to misuse of a naked flame.

The incident happened at 9.13pm on March 6.

Warren Topp, Green Watch manager at Lancaster fire station said: “The advice from Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service for any home occupiers who are alerted to or discover a fire is to if possible close the door to the room and immediately exit the premises and dial 999.

“Under no circumstances should any occupier attempt to extinguish a well-established fire themselves.”

If you require any fire safety advice or need working smoke detectors please call 0800 169 1125 to book a free Home Fire Safety Check.