Bay victims should be remembered

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A councillor is calling for an annual service of remembrance for victims of the Morecambe Bay cockling disaster.

Heysham North Ward Councillor Ron Sands has written to theBishop of Blackburn asking that the diocese should encourage an open air service at Morecambe’s seafront memorial garden dedicated to the Chinese cocklers who tragically drowned in February 2004.

Ron Sands said: “When the new Bishop of Blackburn tours our area shortly he will visit Morecambe’s seafront Memorial Garden dedicated to the Chinese cocklers. ]

“This is especially pleasing as I find that very few people even know where this memorial is located. The visit by the Venerable Julian Henderson will I hope help to spread the word.

“I hope to suggest to the Bishop an annual open air service at the memorial, to ensure that we never forget these innocent victims.”