‘Batman’ joins fight against crime ... in Wigan

BATMAN has joined the fight against crime in a local community.

Wednesday, 30th December 2015, 9:35 am

Residents report repeatedly seeing a genuine Caped Crusader sweeping through the streets.

The figure - who wears the mask and full super-hero style-tunic - has so far declined to be identified when challenged by bemused householders in Platt Bridge.

But has insisted to them that the fancy dress stunt has a serious message.

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He has claimed he is patrolling - without a Robin - to discourage a blight of petty crime and vandalism that has hit residents’ parked cars after dark.

The middle-aged Guardian of the Peace has been seen in different streets and on separate occasions at least half a dozen times.

In snatched conversations with bystanders, he will only concede that rather than being a citizen of Gotham City, he is a local. And he wants to help stamp out this particularly disheartening form of disorder.

‘Batman’ has always been seen shining a powerful torch - albeit a conventional beam, rather than the famous Bat shape one that illuminated the skies in the DC comics.

A member of the Wigan emergency services, who has seen Batman patrolling Platt Bridge himself, said the super-hero’s presence was welcome.

But there is increasing intrigue over his real identity.

A look at the community electoral list reveals that there is no one by the name of Bruce Wayne on the register.

He said: “People can’t believe what they have been seeing - only in Platt Bridge, eh? This bloke in the full Batman kit and caboodle is walking up and down at night with his torch.

“When people have spoken to him he has said he is keeping an eye on cars after recent break ins or mirrors and wipers being torn off.

“He won’t say who he is but somebody must have seen him leaving his house in all this get up.

“That is unless he gets changed in a phone box, super-hero style, of course!

“It’s a piece of fun with a serious message.

“If he keeps the yobs away, what harm does it do?”