Band making it big in LA

Paul Stepanek, Luke Paget, Jamie Walker and Stephen Mildwater
Paul Stepanek, Luke Paget, Jamie Walker and Stephen Mildwater

IT’S not every day you get invited to Los Angeles to write an album and meet music industry big wigs, so when the offer was extended to three lads from the Lancaster area, needless to say, they bit off the proverbial hand.

Jamie Walker, Luke Paget and Stephen Mildwater became The Feud two years ago, and have been gigging across the country since then, with one London gig in particular proving to be particularly lucrative.

In the audience was Paul Stepanek, who runs a management agency in LA, who was impressed enough to approach the band after the show and invite them to fly to the States, live in an apartment for three months and write an album.

“It was unbelievable,” said 24-year old singer and guitarist Jamie, from Lowgill.

“Three lads who met at school in Kirkby Lonsdale moving to Los Angeles – put it this way it certainly wasn’t something we were expecting to happen.

“We’ve lived, slept and eaten the new album over the last few months but we managed to have some fun as well.

“We did two shows over there, one of which was in the Viper Room, a very well known venue in LA.”

See the Lancaster Guardian (22-12-11) for full story.