Bake a cake to raise charity cash for hospice

Jennifer Coatsworth owner of Yummy Cupcake Company.
Jennifer Coatsworth owner of Yummy Cupcake Company.

Don your pinnies, dust off your mixing bowls and get those ovens cranked up and join in the Festive Cake Bake in aid of St John’s Hospice.

That’s exactly what Jen Coatesworth of The Yummy Cupcake Company will be doing and she is encouraging others to do the same for this worthy cause.

Jen, who has run her cupcake shop on Slip Inn Lane in Lancaster for five years, said: “Go for it, it will be a lot of fun and I’m happy to be involved. It’s a great local cause.

“The hospice is not just for the people who are ill, family and friends are given great support too. It’s nice to unwind doing baking and encourage the kids to get involved and get their hands dirty.

“Kids should get involved in food and where it comes from. Its good for their health to be involved and understand how things are made.

“I would urge people to join the Festive Bake.

“It will be fun and people always like to buy cakes for a good cause.”

Follow these tips from Jen:

Check your oven temperature using a thermometer - a 20 or 30 degree difference can massively affect how the cakes turn out

Follow your ingredients carefully - don’t substitute butter for margarine or you will get very different results

Scrape your bowl down properly to ensure all ingredients are mixed sufficiently.

“Most importantly, get lots of practise baking and experiment with different flavours and recipes.

The Festive Cake Bake is the first event of the Save Our Hospice campaign. Here’s what to do:

*Hold an event and charge for tasty entries

*Sell the cakes for even more charity cash

*Tell us if you’re holding an event so we can come down and take pictures and video

We want families, schools and businesses, to bake sweet treats of any shape or size, to raise money for the campaign.

Don your apron in the week of December 2 and 8.For details and stories on the Save Our Hospice - For future generations campaign, look up