Author explores science fiction and psychiatry with first novel

Bob GrahamBob Graham
Bob Graham
A Morecambe born author has penned a 'humorous mixture of psychiatry and science fiction' in a new book.

Bob Graham, who attended Balmoral Road School before training as a Psychiatric Nurse at Lancaster Moor Hospital in the 70s, recently released False Assumption - A Comedy of Errors, based on his career experiences.

Bob, who now lives in Worcestershire, said: “As part of my work as a community psychiatric nurse during the 90s, I was doing quite a lot of Anxiety Management Training (AMT). One of the symptoms of anxiety is making assumptions about ourselves (always negative) and other people (usually positive).

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“During most of my therapeutic interventions, especially during AMT sessions, I found that humour often helped.

“I thought that if I wrote a humorous story about these false assumptions it might help me get my message across but I’m afraid this noble aim petered out when I began to write as I got a bit carried away and the story became an 87,000 word book.

“The story is set mainly on Earth, but also at an Intergalactic council, where one of its members hates meetings so much that he has decided to get rid of a boring agenda item - Earth.

“Unfortunately for him the alien invasion went completely unnoticed to its inhabitants, and the ensuing ‘battles’ that happen between the aliens and Earthians is also not noticed, although the outcomes are.” The book is available from Amazon, iTunes, and the Authorhouse UK website.

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