Austwick CE (VA) Primary School & Nursery weekly awards

Praise Assembly

Week Ending 4th February 2011

Luke Harrison, Bob Evans * Oliver Arkwright

Great Maths extension.

Mia Robinson & Nicholas Chapman

Super KIRFs

Honor Jeffrey, Iola Gunn, Luke Harrison, Bob Evans, Erin Dinnen, Oliver Arkwright, Jack Joyce, Charlie Hickson

For competing in the swimming Gala at Settle swimming pool

Josh Robinson

Super symmetrical pattern & trying hard with all work.

Jack Hewgill

Producing a careful symmetrical pattern.

Molly Baldwin

Always trying her best.

Harry Walker

Working at a good pace and trying his best with all work.

Josh Harland

Writing a super story and extending use of punctuation.

Toby Hewgill & Henry Brownlie

Making such a good start in the New Year.


Jamie Robinson & Joshua Hutchinson