Artist Abi wins uni cash award

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Bentham artist Abi Townsend has been rewarded for her work with the local community.

Abi has received the Tom Buckroyd award from the University of Central Lancashire.

The 48-year-old was chosen as the winner for her work with the Creative Mend and Mapping Makers projects in Bentham.

Abi, who was awarded £500 towards her work, said: “I am delighted to receive this award.

“It’s really encouraging and something to be shared with the community.”

Abi’s work focuses on sourcing and using local materials as well as up-cycling unwanted materials so that nothing goes to waste. She is also continuing the Bentham tradition of weaving.

Her latest piece of art work, a rustic peg loom, is made entirely from local wood and old clothing that has been cut up and weaved together. “The ethos of my art work is that nothing needs to go to waste and can be re-used to create something new,” she said.

“My projects are about connecting people, skills and opportunities whilst considering local needs.”