Art exhibition to launch at city museum

Actress Becky Hindley at The King of the Cats.
Actress Becky Hindley at The King of the Cats.

A touring art exhibition is launched tomorrow, Saturday, at Lancaster City Museum.

Arteach have created The King of the Cats, which will be launched between noon and 2pm and includes stories told by storyteller Jacqueline Harris from their newly launched book The King of the Cats, as well as art work, all inspired by Lancashire Tales.

Five artists are part of a group called Arteach, which involves artists going into schools to teach art.

There will be a series of workshops that have been inspired by the Lancashire Tales and The King ofthe Cats, which will be happening alongside the tour, and which the general public can get involved in.

The five Lancashire artists are painter Chris Rainham, sculptor Marjan Wouda, ceramic artist Julie Miles, theatrical installations artist Patricia Ramsden and storyteller Jacqueline Harris.

They have created a touring exhibition which is going around Lancashire over the next two years.

Each artist has developed their own interpretation in response to local tales from Lancashire.

This collection of work is deeply rooted in the local landscape and history of our ‘red rose county’.

Storyteller Jacqueline Harris said: “The people of Lancashire are fabulous. My search to find stories and tellers for the film, Gathered Tales of Lancashire, has been characterised by generosity and hospitality.

“All of the stories were told either first hand or had happened to a friend or a relative.

“It is interesting how these modern stories echo some ofthe themes that run through the old folk tales.

“These encounters between tales, tellers and place turn Lancashire into a storied landscape. I am hoping the film will convey this to everyone who comes to the exhibition.”

Research has been collated over a period of several years, and the artists have been working towards this exhibition, which is funded by the Arts Council.

Sculpture, paintings, theatrical installations, film, stories and much more can be found in the exhibition.

Marjan Wouda said: “We work quite independently in our various practices – be it painting, ceramics, sculpture, creating installations or storytelling – and come together to promote our work as artists in schools.

“We decided to have a look at the stories that have arisen from this landscape in which we live, and to make this the basis for a touring exhibition.

“We named the project after the title of one of the stories: TheKing of the Cats. The idea was to let these stories lead us on an adventure; to take ourselves out of our comfort zone and to create something new.

“Simultaneously we can reach out to schools and the wider community to help museum and gallery venues inspire new audiences.”