Armed cat killers on the prowl

Heartless thugs roamed round a housing estate shooting cats and pigeons with air rifles.

Thursday, 30th October 2014, 2:08 pm
Katy Roper, whose cats were shot with an air rifle.

The body of one cat believed to have been shot, whose owner has not been traced, was found near Holly Walk on the Marsh estate in Lancaster.

Another cat owner, Katy Roper, was left devastated after two of her three cats were shot with an air rifle.

One of her cats, Rooney, was grabbed, dragged off the street, picked up and shot at close range in the eye.

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Rooney the cat, who lost his eye after being shot with air rifle. The pellet lodged in his neck.

Katy, 30, of Hazel Grove, who has two children Tyler, six and Jessica, two, and is 39 weeks pregnant with her third child said: “I went outside in the morning (October 24) and there was a pool of blood in the garden.

“I made sure it was nothing to do with my dog and shouted my cats.

“Cheech and Lola came and they were fine. I tried to follow the trail of blood and then saw Rooney on the grass in the next garden with a ruptured eye.

“I grabbed a baby cot quilt and wrapped him up and then rung the vet.

Rooney the cat, who lost his eye after being shot with air rifle. The pellet lodged in his neck.

“The vets were convinced that he had been hit by a car because his claws were scuffed, but two people said it was an air rifle.

“I asked if they had done x-rays and asked if they could look out for a pellet.

“There was a pellet in his neck, which had gone through his eye and face. “He had to have an hour long operation to get his eye removed.

“The staff at Dimples vets were brilliant. I donated some money for the operation and the PDSA donated as well. The cost of the treatment was £990.

“Whilst I was out my other cat Cheech was shot in the nose, a long distance shot. “Rooney was shot close up but with Cheech the pellet had ricocheted and broken his nose.

“He had to be treated with pain relief and antibiotics.

“Rooney has had his post operative check-up and he is fine, his eye is still knitting together.

“I’m just absolutely mortified that this has happened.

“I’ve lived here for two years and never had any problems with anyone. All the neighbours have pulled together to help us.

“Other cats were shot that day as well, in fact there were 17 incidents in one day.

“I’m just absolutely gutted and so are my children.

“I can’t let any of my cats out of the house now because its too risky.

“The people were shooting pigeons for a week, cats and whatever they could shoot at.

“The police told me it’s not illegal to have an air rifle or possess an air rifle.

“However, it’s finding the weapon and knowing who it was.

“I would urge anyone with any information to contact the police.

“Also if anyone could help out with donations for the PDSA that would be great.

“I do want to prosecute because they should pay for what they have done.

“I want justice for Rooney and Cheech.”

Police said they had received a report that a cat had been shot in the eye and were passing details on to the neighbourhood policing team.

Anyone with information should contact police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

To donate to the PDSA call 0800 0199 166.