Are police being fair to drivers?

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The owner of an accident recovery firm claims police are not giving the public the choice of their own recovery company.

Tony Noble, who ownes T.M.Noble Motor Engineers Ltd, says the public are being denied their human rights at the scene of a breakdown or accident.

Tony said: “Customers are not getting their choice of recovery. People should be given the choice.

“I’m on the police rota and have been for 31 years and I’m getting hammered. The public are being forced to use who they don’t want.

“I’ve had letter after letter about this.

“It costs a standard fee of £150 and then £50 a day if your car is recovered by the police.

“They are making life so difficult.”

Peter Yates, who owns J. Yates and Son Recovery in Carnforth, said: “I gave up the fight long ago. I’m heartbroken at the way the police have dealt with us.

“It’s a failure of the computer age we live in and there is no communication any more. However, you can’t change the system.”

A police spokesperson said: “Our policy is crystal clear.

“A vehicle has to be moved in 30 minutes for the convenience of the public.

“If the company they have nominated cannot attend within 30 minutes it can’t be used.

“If the vehicle is required for CSI examination or accident investigation then we can arrange recovery.”