Appeal after two deer found dead

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Two deer were found dead after being killed by poachers on farmland in Carnforth and Arnside earlier this week.

Police said on Friday, February 1, a Fallow Doe was found by a farmer dead in a field adjacent to Brackenthwaite Lane at Hale Moss, near Carnforth.

The animal had been killed by poachers using dogs sometime overnight.

Poachers are said to use this method to locate the animal in darkness with a high powered lamp.

They dazzle it before releasing trained dogs which attack the deer, chase it and eventually kill it.

In a separate incident, the remains of a Roe Buck, which is out of season at present, was found discarded next to a footpath in Back Wood, Cold Well Lane, on the outskirts of Arnside.

The animal had been stripped of all its useable meat.

Police are appealing for any sightings of vehicles or people acting in a suspicious nature with lamping equipment and dogs to be reported immediately on 101 or 999.

Force Wildlife Crime Officer, Mark Thomas said: “The deer killed in Carnforth must have suffered terribly during this callous attack.

“There have been other similar incidents last year near Carnforth where two deer were found by a dog walker having been shot with a crossbow-type weapon.

“We are urging members of the public, particularly those working or living in rural areas across the county to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity to police. Please try and pass as much information as possible when doing so.

“The people responsible for these offences are clearly not professional deer stalkers and are causing unnecessary pain and suffering to wildlife around the county.

“They are also trespassing on private land and causing damage while conducting illegal activity.

“The culling of deer in Lancashire is required to control numbers and preserve habitat and woodland areas but it is controlled and is conducted by professional deer stalkers who are highly trained and insured to do so.

“No suffering is caused to the animals as they are trained marksmen who pride themselves on being professional in every way possible.

“The people who take deer in this illegal way using dogs are without a doubt not professionals but opportunists.

“We are determined to stamp out this illegal activity in Lancashire and are doing all we can to tackle it.

“I would also urge any butchers or restaurants in the local areas that if they have any offers of cheap venison to consider contacting the police and trading standards.”

Contact police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.