Appeal after horrific death of pedigree cat in Lancaster

Shoskat was found dead under a tree.
Shoskat was found dead under a tree.

A cat owner wants justice after his pedigree pet was found dead under a tree with horrific injuries including a severed spine which he believes were inflicted deliberately.

Samuele Carcagno from Lancaster also believes his other cat may have suffered a similar fate after she disappeared around the same time.

He said: “I think that my cats Shoskat and Zarina were targeted and intentionally killed by someone. I don’t know who could have done that and why.”

Samuele, who lived near Williamson Park in Lancaster at the time, said: “Even though it’s over a year since this happened, I need to know why and how. Shoskat and Zarina, both Russian Blues, were doing fine, if I called them they would always come to me. I got them as kittens two years before, they were brother and step-sister and they were always together. The last day I saw Zarina was August 22, 2014. I looked around the park and the fields for her, left flyers and that week was spent searching for her.

“I knew something had happened to her.

“On September 1, a neighbour said they had found one of my cats under a tree, and I thought it was Zarina, but it was Shoskat. I didn’t even know he was missing

“It was a shock because I was prepared for something to have happened to Zarina, not Shoskat.

“I took him to Lancaster Veterinary Centre and because there were no signs of injuries externally, they wanted to do toxicology to see if he had been poisoned.

“They found he had a fractured kidney, broken vertebra and a severed spinal chord.

“The spot where he was found was 10 metres from the road and he could not have crawled there with thos e paralysing injuries.

“I have not been threatened by anyone and as far as I know my cats were not bothering anyone in the neighbourhood.

“I’ve spoken to the police and the RSPCA.

“The loss of my cats has been devastating for me. Nothing can bring them back but even after all this time, if someone killed them intentionally, I want justice for Shoskat and Zarina.”

View Samuele’s tribute video here

Call the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999 with any information.