Anyone can be a Born Hero for Lancaster’s hospice

Ryan Donohue at Born Survivor
Ryan Donohue at Born Survivor

Born Survivor is not an average obstacle course but the boss at Lancaster’s Fitness Formation insists anyone can take on the challenge.

Ryan Donohue is not an unfamiliar face to the assault course having taken part and helped out others in many over the years.

The course similar to what the British Army tackles on a daily basis is a test of character and strength.

But Ryan, who came up with the idea for the world record challenge, admits the course isn’t as bad as it sounds - just a lot of mud.

He said: “If you are a woman who has not been to the gym you only have to look at Heather. If she can do it then anyone can do it.

“You need to be willing. There is 16 weeks to go, even if you are doing a twenty minute walk a day that is going to be fine.”

To help overcome the ten foot walls and 30 military inspired obstacles teamwork is a necessity which is why the course attracts large, competitive teams.

Ryan said: “I just love it. I have always finished last, I always go around with the last person to help out.

“It’s all about everyone coming together, there’s no way I could get over a ten foot wall by myself so someone will help me.”

The Fitness Formation Born Heroes are hoping to break the record for the biggest team ever to take part in Born Survivor at Lowther Castle, in the Lake District, on April 4 2015.

Ryan believes the event next year, in support of Lancaster’s St John’s Hospice, is certainly a challenge worth doing.

“At the end of the day it’s not about you - it’s about the future generations who will need the hospice,” says Ryan, “anyone can do it and you doing it today will help other people tomorrow.”

A spokesman at Born Survivor said: “We encourage teamwork and even if you don’t enter as a team we know you’ll assist your fellow survivors in completing the course.”