Angry Halton residents to face authorities over flooding

Ed Maxwell in Halton.
Ed Maxwell in Halton.

Residents in Halton will face representatives from Lancashire County Council, Lancaster City Council and the Environment Agency at a public meeting organised in the wake of recent flooding.

The meeting, which anyone can attend, will take place at The Centre@Halton in Low Road on Tuesday November 28 at 6.30pm.

The Red Door Cafe following flooding on November 22 2017

The Red Door Cafe following flooding on November 22 2017

Ed Maxwell, who lives in Church Brow, Halton, said he was “angry and upset” that the flooding of his property last Wednesday night could have been avoided.

He said that no-one is taking responsibility for a build up of rubble and sand in a culvert that runs under his house, adding that if nothing is done by the end of the week he’ll be hiring a digger and clearing it himself.

There was localised flooding in many areas of the Lancaster district.

In Halton, residents say a lack of drain clearing resulted in flooding in Arrow Lane, High Road and Pennystone Road.

Lancashire County Council were out clearing the drains on Thursday, the day after the flooding.

Some residents in Pennystone Road now face at least a six month wait before their properties are habitable again.

There is major concern in the village that further planned house building in a field in Low Road will increase the flooding risk.

Story Homes has planning permission for more than 70 new houses on the land.

Part of the field was submerged under more than a metre of water on Wednesday night.

Some have also expressed concern that the Bay Gateway has added to the flood risk issues in Halton.

Mr Maxwell said: “I need to make as much noise about this as possible.

“No-one’s taking any responsibility for it.

“The floods after Storm Desmond were caused by the river, but the one this time was caused by the culvert which runs past the Red Door Cafe.

“It goes under my house and garden.

“Lancaster City Council cleared the top of the pipe near the motorway last year.

“They were supposed to install a restrictor valve to the pipe at the top of the hill, but they just cleared it.

“They came to have a look in March, and said they’d clear the bottom of it as well, but it never got done.”

Mr Maxwell bought his house three months prior to Storm Desmond.

He said: “I grew up around this area, I accept there’s a chance that it floods, but this particular one makes me so angry and upset because it could have been avoided.

“The ground floor of my house is completely ruined.

“We’ve since moved tens of tonnes of sand and rubble from the house and driveway, in some places it was 12 inches deep.

“I told the city council that I was blaming them because they are responsible.

“If this is not done by the weekend I’ll be hiring a digger and doing it myself.

“I’d also like to know where my MP David Morris is. I’ve contacted his office but heard nothing.”

Since this article has been printed Mr Morris said he had tried to make contact with Mr Maxwell.