All of a quiver after training session

Ryan Donohue from Fitness Formation  instructing Ingrid Kent at the gym.
Ryan Donohue from Fitness Formation instructing Ingrid Kent at the gym.

Getting back into shape after my recent operation is proving to be harder than I’d imagined.

However, Ryan has assured me that it will take me less time to get fit because I know what I’m doing with the exercises and will have some residual strength. Our first session was relatively easy but Ryan stepped up the pace considerably on Friday.

It was back to lifting free weights, doing six kilometres on the exercise bike and working with the resistance machines.

I was puffing and panting all the way but there was a sense of achievement in being able to complete the work-out. Although I felt like a bit of an old carthorse, I know that if I keep working at it I will lose weight and get much fitter. One thing I’d almost forgotten was that doing this type of exercise gives you an incredible buzz afterwards.

I’m no expert but I believe it must be the endorphins kicking in.

We worked for a full hour and I was on a high when we finished. It lasted for about an hour then tiredness gripped me. My hands started to shake and I could hardly hit the correct keys on the computer keyboard. I wanted to lie down and sleep but I still had several hours of work ahead of me. I soldiered on and had an early night.

During our training session Ryan spoke to me about the possibility of taking part in a fitness challenge called Total Warrior. It’s a 10-mile Army-style challenge near Shap in Cumbria.

I must confess to not having been particularly up-beat about the idea. Still, I’m considering it as it will be in aid of charity. The ‘challenges’ I’m aspiring to take on are the Coast-to-Coast Wainwright Walk, learning to surf and taking up ballet dancing again.

All rather far removed from plunging into ice-cold muddy pools and getting electric shocks from live wires.Watch this space though – it might just happen!

Ingrid Kent