Aidan’s day in Commons

Aidan Ray at the dispatch box
Aidan Ray at the dispatch box

A sixteen-year-old Lancastrian can add his name to the list of politicians who have had the honour of speaking in the House of Commons.

Aidan Ray, member of the UK Youth Parliament (MYP) for Lancaster, was voted to close the ‘votes at 16’ debate during the Youth Parliament’s sixth annual session in the House of Commons.

Aidan travelled to London with five other Lancashire MYPs to join 300 other young people from across the country to decide which issues they are going to campaign on. The top five issues – the living wage, bringing back Maths & English resits, mental health services, votes at 16 and work experience – were debated in the Commons.

Aidan said: “I’ve only been involved in politics for a year now.

“Going from school elections to a district level was simple enough but to become elected as MYP and then all the way to being a debate lead in a few months surprises even myself with how quickly it all happened.”