Actors bring to life castle’s past

The previously inaccessible inner courtyard at Lancaster Castle
The previously inaccessible inner courtyard at Lancaster Castle

A vibrant visitor attraction where actors dramatise centuries of colourful history is to launch at Lancaster Castle next month.

Performers will bring to life how the justice system operated hundreds of years ago, introducing people to the castle’s constable, judge and executioner.

The London Dungeon-style experience - called ‘Justice’ - will take visitors on a 45-minute live, interactive walk, culminating in discovering the fate of the ‘accused’.

Mike Kennedy, who wrote and designed the attraction, said: “It kind of wrote itelf. All I’m doing is taking the history of the castle and making it more user-friendly.

“This will be delivering history in a fun way. It has been a good three of four months’ work. People will meet characters that will envelop an experience of being part of history and hopefully they will leave with a good experience of what it would have been like.

“It’s something completely different from what we have done at the castle to appeal to more people.”

Another new attraction - ‘Lancaster Castle Unchained’ - will unlock areas of the castle not seen for hundreds of years later this year.

Local actors are being invited to apply for roles in ‘Justice’ at auditions at the end of April. Contact Mr Kennedy on 07883 883852.