A6 safety plan gathers pace

Paul Stubbins
Paul Stubbins

Doctors, professors, schools, councillors and residents from Lancaster have thrown their weight behind a campaign to make the A6 safer for cyclists and pedestrians.

Figures released by the Road Safety Foundation last month places the 9km stretch of the A6 between Junction 33 and Lancaster city centre at number five in the UK’s persistently higher risk roads.

But the figures also reveal that the A6 has the highest number of fatal and serious crashes involving pedestrians and cyclists.

Now Lancaster cycling campaign group Dynamo has written to Lancashire County Coun John Fillis, who is responsible for highways, asking for an immediate infrastructural solution to reduce the alarming level of danger to cyclists and pedestrians on the A6.

The letter has been endorsed by Lancaster University professors, doctors at city practices, Lancaster City Councillors and the Lancaster Islamic Society, as well as residents living along the A6.

Paul Stubbins, from Dynamo, which is spearheading the campaign, said: “We are stepping up our ‘Cycle Lanes on the A6 campaign’.

“Dynamo feels that it has no option but to raise the profile of the severity of the problem to the level of public debate in order to bring about the action needed, even though we would not wish to deter the activities of walking and cycling through discussing the fear of accidents.

“It is time for leadership now to get the necessary people to work together to solve this problem, looking carefully at the accident statistics and being bold and imaginative in our solutions. Dynamo has been collegiate in our approach and have asked all local city and county councillors to join our campaign.”

Coun John Fillis said he had received the letter and acknowledged that the A6 is “too dangerous”.

He said: “Dynamo are making a lot of good suggestions and are being quite reasonable.

“We’re looking for two routes - one offroad, and one A to B route along the A6.

“We obviously have to take into consideration other road users as well, and we have a number of people who need to have access to parking in front of their homes.

“We’re going to sit down with Dynamo and go through their suggestions in detail, and take them forward with a proper plan.

“I believe we can make positive changes along the A6, although we have to acknowledge there will always be an issue with poor drivers and poor cyclists.

“The issue will be taken up in the county council’s traffic masterplan for Lancaster, which is due next year, but in the meantime we want to reduce the risk as quickly as possible.”