A Good Day to Die Hard - Review

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An unashamed fan of the Die Hard movies, I have to admit I was keen to see the latest cinema offering for myself.

But the film meandered between action and slower scenes, although the stunts more than made up for it.

The fifth movie in the franchise is directed by John Moore and of course the main character is John McClane (Bruce Willis).

John travels to Russia to help out his wayward son Jack, only to discover that Jack is a CIA operative working to prevent a nuclear weapons heist.

John pursues Jack and Komarov, who he is trying to protect, in a high speed chase through the streets of Moscow, as well as being pursued by the villains, in one of the best action scenes in the film.

I was left hanging on the edge of my seat whilst the chase unfolded, with smashes and crashes galore. The relationship between John and his son Jack featured heavily in the storyline but eventually the pair seemed to make their peace with each other.

Director John Moore seemed to have lost his way with this film a little bit - it didn’t really feel like a Die Hard film as such.

It could have been just a regular Hollywood action movie with Bruce Willis thrown in. He seemed a little tired of his role, having played John McClane in five films.

I’ve watched the original Die Hard film numerous times and it still hasn’t lost its shine. But some franchises go too far and this is the case here.