A big thanks to readers for their generous festive gifts

Jeff Banks and Clair Graham (BiG Storage Appeal elves) and Paul Whittaker (appeal coordinator).
Jeff Banks and Clair Graham (BiG Storage Appeal elves) and Paul Whittaker (appeal coordinator).

The ninth Lancaster Guardian and BiG Storage Active Toy Appeal approaches its conclusion and appeal coordinator Paul Whittaker has been overwhelmed by this year’s record breaking response from Guardian readers and local businesses.

Paul said: “Those who have donated to the a toy to this year’s BiG Christmas Toy Appeal will have been unaware of the name of the child, their age or gender, nor will you know why they are among the most unfortunate children in our area.

“But, hopefully you are will be able to imagine your donated toy being unwrapped with that innocent anticipation and resulting surprise and broad smile. The most amazing charitable donation is the anonymise gift, however sadly for many of the children the appeal supports, these are likely to be the only gifts they unwrap on Christmas day.

“Our charities, who are all local, support or care for children from within and on the fringes of our very own community and deal mainly with vulnerable children, some from unimaginably difficult family situations, this has been highlighted by the communications I have had this week with the fantastic team at CAPPS who have been down to Appeal HQ at BiG Storage Morecambe to collect gifts for local children.

“The appeal this year has been able to help not only the disadvantaged financially but also those who are suffering from short or long term illnesses and physical disabilities thanks to huge influx of gifts which have been donated by Guardian readers.”

Among the charities which BiG Storage are supporting this year are Unique Kidz, The Children’s Adventure Farm Trust and JUMP, as well as individual cases BiG Storage have been contacted about by schools across the area.

Although the appeal is coming to an end, some of the charities continue with deliveries into the New Year. Gifts can be dropped off at Big Storage in Northgate, White Lund.