16 reasons why Parkruns are great fun

It’s a phenomenon which only started 11 years ago, but Parkruns are now a hit pretty much everywhere.

Tuesday, 6th October 2015, 7:00 pm
Parkruns are a great way of keeping fit

Every Saturday, thousands of runners young and old give up their mornings to tackle a 5km race.

But what makes the Parkrun so great?

Here are 16 reasons why:

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1. It’s free! So pound the streets knowing the pounds stay in your pockets - while you, er, lose pounds from your waist.

2. Every Parkrun finishes with a post-run cuppa. Fun and a frappuccino. Result!

3. Parkruns attract a fantastic mix of people. They’re pretty laid-back events. Don’t be surprised to be running next to dog walkers and people with pushchairs as well as the more serious athlete.

4. It’s easy to join. Just sign up on the Parkrun website, choose your race and get those running shoes on!

5. Parkrunners are warm, welcoming and spur each other on. So when you’re flagging, there’s someone there to give you a cheer.

6. Run at your own pace or push yourself to your limit. It’s your choice and no-one’s going to argue.

7. You can proudly view your finishing time on the Parkrun website. The dedicated team of volunteers compile your result. Give yourself a pat on the back.

8. Once you’ve finished, you’ve got the rest of the weekend to enjoy yourself, knowing you’ve already exercised.

9. Become a Parkrun volunteer and you could help marshall the runners.

10. They’re everywhere, so there’s no need to venture far from your own doorstep.

11. You don’t have to stick to one run. You could enjoy Burnley one week, Preston the next and London the week after.

12. You’re never alone. Parkrunners will always applaud their fellow competitor.

13. You don’t have to be an elite athlete to take part. Anyone can join in.

14. It’s a great way to vary your exercise regime. Why stay in the gym when you could be enjoying the scenery?

15. You could get to meet a great new selection of friends.

16. And even if your time wasn’t what you hoped it would be, there’s always next time. There’s just seven days to wait.

To find out more, visit the Parkrun website.