£1.2m boost to mend potholes

Lancashire is getting extra funding to fix potholes.
Lancashire is getting extra funding to fix potholes.

A cash injection and increase in staff numbers means hundreds of potholes should now be repaired across the district.

Lancashire County Council will receive £1,241,000 to tackle potholes as part of a £6.4m fund given to 22 councils in the north west by the government.

The money is enough to fill in 23,415 potholes in the county and was made available as part of the £250m Pothole Action Fund included in last month’s Budget.

Morecambe MP David Morris said: “This announcement is a great boost to many residents who are fed up with the terrible state of the roads locally.”

Lancashire County Council has also increased the number of teams dedicated to fixing potholes.

Over the last three weeks highways bosses have bought in 29 extra teams from external contractors to support their existing 24 crews.

However, Lancaster MP Cat Smith said: “We are seeing government cut back on the funding given to Lancashire County Council for pot holes.

“In 2014/15 the pot hole action fund money allocated was £4.5m, yet this year it’s just £1.2m.

“That cut of 73 per cent comes in a year after the county is recovering from Storm Desmond which battered our part of Lancashire at the beginning of December and Storm Eva which hit the south of Lancashire on Boxing Day.

“Given the unprecedented weather we experienced, our roads are in need of repair across the county, pot holes up 40 per cent, and I’m really pleased to see Lancashire County Council find these extra resources at a time when their overall transport budget is falling.”