Corporate gym memberships in Lancashire: Does the investment pay off for firms?

What’s the secret to business success? According to Lancaster fitness gurus 3-1-5 Health Club, it’s keeping your team happy and healthy.

Oliver believes he knows what makes businesses in Lancashire tick – as the corporate account manager for 3-1-5 Health Club he helps local firms offer affordable fitness packages for their staff.

And after speaking to many local businesses, and examining various studies, he’s put together his guide to finding the right work/life/fitness balance.

Here, he answers some questions around the sector.

Is there any benefit to a firm investing money in fitness?

Definitely yes; according to a recent study, there are 13.7 million working days lost to work related stress in the UK each year, with nearly every adult in the country reporting stress to varying degrees. The cost is estimated to be a staggering £28 billion.

This will have a real impact– on staff morale, their absence levels, on the pressures on other colleagues and on the firm itself.

Is there a cost to an individual business if absence levels soar?

Of course, there are sickness benefits in the country which absorb some of the financial costs, but most firms offer some degree of sick pay. If you imagine additional costs like paying agency staff to cover long-term sickness, training costs for those replacements, and likely reduced productivity as they lack the experience, the costs can mount.

Other people may find themselves picking up some of their absent colleagues’ tasks, adding to their own workload and stress.

Are there any proven links between regular fitness and work?

Anecdotally, I know what my customers tell me, either for themselves or their staff. Fitting in a gym visit before work can turn a sluggish, sleepy morning into an energised, ready-to-go early start.

And those who come after work often say that a fitness class with friends, a swim or a sauna, pushing weights, or something calming like yoga or pilates, is a great break between work and home. In other words, they leave the office behind, and are relaxed and ready for home life. This in turn generally improves wellbeing and plays a part in reducing absences.

Other reports, including UK active have studied the impacts of exercise on the workplace.

How do corporate memberships work?

We at 3-1-5 Health Club believe that exercising in a friendly community, with a holistic-centred approach, as well as fitness, provides the full package.

The club offers two ways of helping firms make it even more affordable for their staff. The first is where the firms buy the membership up front – with rising discounts from us depending on the volume – then allow their staff to pay it off through a salary sacrifice each month. This is a very popular, affordable way to enjoy the gym.

And the other is where firms buy annual memberships with the club, and gift them to their staff entirely.

And the good news for Lancashire firms is there could even be HMRC tax breaks.

That sounds like a costly investment – is it popular?

When I speak to corporate clients they tell me that today, staff want more than just a salary; the package, and knowing their company cares, matters and helps to keep them happy and motivated.

An employer offering extra incentives is not only going to be ahead of the game in retaining good staff, but able to recruit the best talent for any vacancies by making their firm an attractive place to work, with a good ethos towards staff wellbeing.

You can find out more about corporate memberships at 3-1-5 Health Club online, or arrange a chat with Oli on 01524 237315. Member services can be emailed on [email protected]

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