You can now take a 3D virtual tour of Woolworths as it was 30 years ago

For those who remember the days of retail chain Woolworths - which sadly shut its physical doors for the last time in 2009 - you can once again experience all the delights that the shop had to offer.

Get nostalgic with a new 3D virtual store tour of Woolworths, which takes a look back at the iconic store and the recognisable products it used to sell.

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What does the online tour show?

The virtual tour begins with the words, “Let us take you back 30 years to a better time. We’re talking about when the Macarena was a national dance movement, Turkey Twizzlers were a school dinner delicacy, and Saturday nights were reserved for Gladiators and Blind Dates.”

As the video enters the virtual Woolworths store, it explains “one of the best things about the 90s was spending your hard-earned pocket money in Woolworths, you know, everyone’s go-to bargain store that sold everything from homeware to trending toys - even your school uniform!”

The virtual tour then navigates its way around the store, showing how the layout of the shop would have looked and the sort of goods that would have been on offer to customers.

It takes a look at toys popular when the store was still open, including everything from Beanie Babies to Tamigotchis.

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The tour also looks at the wide range of CDs that used to be on sale at Woolworths, as well as portable games consoles.

How can I watch the virtual tour of Woolworths?

If reliving the days of Woolworths sounds up your street, then you can watch it here.

The website also has a fun quiz which tests your knowledge of the 1990s, asking questions about everything from Saved by the Bell to Opal Fruits.

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