Walks: West Pennine Moors

Walk 123 map
Walk 123 map

Return to the entrance of the car park from the higher level you find yourself on.

With the reservoir on your right keep ahead to the junction with Parson’s Bullough Road and turn left.

Where the road bends sharply right across Alsance Bridge keep ahead on a broad track leading into woodland. After 300m cross a bridge and continue with the River Yarrow on your left.

As the way reaches more open ground bear right on a broad track leading upwards.

The track leading east towards the moors is key to the next part of the walk.

It will take you up to the long ridge between Winter Hill to the south and Great Hill to the north.

After dipping to cross a stream feeding into the Yarrow it climbs to the edge of what is marked on the map as a large plantation.

Besides a scattering of scrawny looking conifers there is not much else.

At the corner of the plantation enclosure a definite track leads off right towards Lower Hempsteads.

Here bear left and upwards towards the high moors.

This is a good half hour after joining the track.

After a kissing gate next to a metal gate the track begins to lose its track status but the path is sufficiently worn to lead you up to the ridge.

When you arrive at the paved path turn left.

There now follows a wonderful moorland yomp assisted by the stone flags that will take you to Great Hill 1500m to the north.

From the summit shelter follow the sign post towards White Coppice.

A broad track leads first to the cluster of trees at Drinkwaters a ruined farm and then 1200 metres from the summit to a junction with a footpath on the left.

Here turn left as the main track swings north.

The footpath leads down hill towards White Coppice.

After the last steep descent turn left onto a track that leads alongside the Goit – a channel that feeds water into the reservoirs to the south.

Keep on the track for 25 minutes to reach a quiet lane. Turn left and then right onto a path that follows the shores of Anglezarke Reservoir.

After a wooded section the path crosses open ground to enter woods below High Bullough Reservoir.

Keep on the main track for the car park.