Walks: Longridge

Longridge map.
Longridge map.
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This walk gives you the best of both worlds – superb views across the Vale of Chipping towards the Bowland Fells and then after a climb superb views across the Ribble Valley.

Continue along the road away from Longridge and cross a stile on the left. Cross two fields to arrive on Forty Acre Lane.

Turn right and almost immediately left onto a footpath heading downhill with a wall on the right.

After 100yds cross a stile to the right and continue downhill now with the wall to the left.

At Birks Brow turn right. Keep ahead for 250yds to arrive at Higher Birks on the left.

Opposite the farm turn right onto a footpath. Keep ahead, cross a footbridge and bear right to the corner of the field. After crossing the next field pass through yard of White Fold Barn. The right of way will quickly bring you to Bradley’s Farm.

Walk towards the farmhouse to locate, opposite, a small gate leading into a field. Through it turn right and continue to a wooden bridge. Keep ahead at a second bridge.

Now approaching the edge of a conifer plantation go through a metal gate onto a grassy track.

After a second metal gate keep ahead with fence on right.

Part way along cross a wooden stile and enter plantation, now walking with fence on left.

Leave the plantation by another stile and keep ahead to reach a wooden gate. Once through it bear right walking up to Dale House. Pass through a wooden gate on left before entrance and with Dale House on right walk across a field to a stile. Cross the next field. From here a useful line of telegraph poles will lead down to Giles.

Walk towards the farm complex and in front on the house turn right into an orchard. A pair of double stiles leads onto the fellside.

There is no clear path – the way zig zags up but aim to the top edge of a conifer plantation. On top aim for the wireless mast.

This will bring you to a corner and a metal gate. Once through the gate turn right into Forty Acre Lane.

Walk along the lane for 700yds with Longridge Golf Course on your right, then 500yds after Forty Acre Farm take a footpath on left. Heading downhill, with views of the Ribble Valley before you, cross two fields to a lane.

Cross the lane to enter a field by a stile. Now diagonally traverse this large field to its far right corner.

Here cross an awkward stile by a metal gate and continue along a grassy track with a hedge to your right.

On reaching a farm track turn right and follow it as it brings you to the exceptionally tidy Cottam House Farm.

Passing through the yard keep ahead and in a few minutes you will come to the much celebrated “Written Stone” with the farm to the right.

Turn into the yard and walk past the handsome farmhouse.

Keep ahead, go through a gate onto a grassy track and then another to enter a field with a wall on your right.

After crossing a stile in the corner of the field. Ahead bear diagonally left. This line will bring you to a stile leading onto Knowle Green Road.

Turn right and walk past reservoir on right. The Corporation Arms is soon reached on the junction of Blackburn Road.

Then 300yds after the inn, turn right onto a bridleway leading up past the west end of the reservoir.

As the way becomes steeper, the track narrows and becomes more enclosed.

As the track reaches tarmac turn right and then take a path that enters fields with fine views across the Valley.

Follow the path as it edges round the field to enter the lower section of Beacon Caravan Park. Go up and slightly right to allow you to turn right in front of the toilet block. (Do not follow the footpath signs below the toilet block.)

Now look ahead for a flight of steps. Climb up the steps and left along the fence line to arrive at the road at the starting point.