Walks: Cuerden Valley Park


Last June as part of a celebration for National Volunteers Week the Lancashire Dotcom Walkers met up with volunteers, staff and service users of Brothers of Charity Services in Cuerden Valley Park and went for a walk taking us to the Mound, an area of open space on the edge of Buckshaw Village.

We enjoyed perfect weather for our walk and picnic. We had a great day and are doing this again next week, so why not join us?

As we began to plan this year’s walk at Brothers of Charity Services something became very obvious as we studied the possible route. Lisieux Hall is on a site close to the southern end of Cuerden Valley Park.

Close to the northern end of the park is St Catherine’s Hospice – a charity supported by over 600 volunteers. Between Cuerden Hall is the home of Sue Ryder Care which looks after people with complex neurological needs and again a charity helped by a small army of 90 volunteers.

Nearby is the head office of Wildlife Trust Lancashire, Manchester and North Merseyside – guess what more volunteers - 600 in fact.

Finally there is the park itself which is managed by a trust supported by volunteers to help maintain the delightful amenity it is.

So it could be said that Cuerden Valley Park which straddles the boundaries of South Ribble and Chorley is a volunteer hotspot and perhaps should apply to the Guinness Book of Records to be recognised as such.

So here is a walk that takes you from one end of the park to the other and in doing it you will pass close to five organisations whose work improves the lives of everyone in our community.

If you would like to do the walk and are free on Tuesday, June 3, you can join the Lancashire Dotcom Walkers as they walk the length of the park and back picnicking on the Mound.

On the way we’ll join up with the Cuerden Valley Park Trust’s health walk led by volunteer Michael Swarbrick.

If six miles is too long then you can meet at Town Brow Car Park (4 miles) or Lower Kem Mill car park (two miles).

If you are not free then you might want to visit the park and follow the route shown by yourself or with friends and family.

Whether join the Dotcoms or not, whether you walk or not at least do this; think about volunteering.

There are lots of organisations that would welcome your time, skills, gifts and talents and five of them are in or nearby the Cuerden Valley Park.

n Volunteering, the act of giving time and effort with no expectation of reward, plays a vital part in the work of many charities and non-government organisations.

At Brothers of Charity Services which has supported people with learning disabilities for over 80 years in Lancashire, volunteers use their time, skills and talents in a wide range of roles to enhance the lives of the service users.

By befriending, by leading or supporting activities, by fundraising, volunteers add value to the charity’s role in our society.