Walk: Ribchester

Ribchester walk map
Ribchester walk map

With the river on the right cross the bottom of Church Street on the Ribble Way, passing the primary school and site of the Roman bath house to a green.

Across this turn right on Greenside which leads to the Blackburn Road. Cross to the Ribchester Arms and then turn left onto Stydd Lane. Immediately past a church sign board turn right onto a footpath over a stile.

Cross to another in hedgerow opposite and then bear right to a wooden footbridge. At the next stile take the middle way pointing slightly left. Cross the field to its far corner, cross a stile and then turn immediately left through a wooden gate and follow a grassy track to Holmes Farm.

Cross its yard and follow the drive to Gallows Lane. Turn right. After the next farm turn left onto a footpath before crossing two stiles to reach a farm road with the River Ribble before you.

Turn left. The route enters the yard of Dewhurst House. Turn left in front of the farm house onto a bridleway. When more open ground is reached aim for the corner of Stewarts Wood ahead.

After a wooden gate follow the edge of the wood to its far corner. Bear left towards a wooded clough. Follow the path down to a gate and then climb the rise after aiming to the centre of a line of telephone poles. Keep ahead to reach a farm road.

Turn left. Keep on the farm road as it leads gently uphill to skirt alongside Grindlestone House Farm. As you reach its far side turn left through its yard and cross to a stile by a metal gate.

Keep ahead to a wooden stile and then after a double stile and plank bridge continue with hedgerow on the left. Just before a sharp slope, cross a stile on the left into the field and then drop down to the right corner to reach Gallows Lane. Turn right. After passing a drive on the left turn left onto a footpath over a stile.

This crosses to a metal gate and continues to Duddel Wood.

After a wooden stile drop through trees to reach a path by Duddel Brook. Turn left then after a footbridge climb the rise to a stile leading to pasture land. Keep ahead following the field boundary on the left.

The way dips to a stile and then maintaining the same direction crosses a wide field to a stile next to a wooden gate. Cross it and turn left onto a grassy track leading to Stydd Manor. Through the farm join the lane returning to Blackburn Road.