Walk: Hurst Green

Hurst Green map
Hurst Green map

From the war memorial walk the short distance to Clitheroe Road and turn right.

Keep on this as it dips to an enchanting wooded dell with cottages to the right and then climb up to the church of St John the Evangelist. The route turns right onto the track alongside the church.

Beyond the church turn left onto a lane and continue for 250 metres and then by a cluster of properties turn right onto a bridleway. This leads up to the imposing farmhouse of Greengore characterised by its heavy duty stone buttresses. Pass the farmhouse to your left on a track that leads alongside one of its outbuildings. Still on a bridleway this leads up to Crowshaw House a farm complex about 15 minutes beyond Greengore. Keep ahead through its yard and follow the drive up to Clitheroe Old Road. Turn right and then turn left onto a footpath.

Keep on the path as it leads to a brook in 350 metres and then continues alongside a fence beyond which the fields of Green Thorn Farm come into view. Keep on the path as it leads up through trees to skirt the farm and then climb behind it to reach another cleared area. In a little under 400 metres from the farm you arrive at a broad forestry track. Cross this to follow the path up a firebreak between stands of trees.

When you reach a second forestry track turn right. 750 metres along the track turns sharply right but before following it a short distance from its bend by keeping ahead you’ll come to a fine viewpoint and picnic spot overlooking the Vale of the Hodder.

On retracing your steps follow the main track to the next junction and turn left and follow this forestry track for the next 1600 metres/mile (25 minutes) until you reach Clitheroe Old Road. Turn left. After 200 metres turn right onto a footpath at Kemple End a cluster of attractive houses and cottages. Keep on the track as it bends to the left and then after a farm reaches open fields.

From the gate bear left to the hedge and follow it round to a stile in the corner. Over this keep ahead with the fenceline on your right to cross two more stiles bring you to the drive of the attractively named Throstle Nest. Follow its drive to the lane.

Turn right and then in a little under 200 metres turn left into the ground of Stonyhurst College. Keep ahead past the main building and chapel before turning right onto a footpath leading between playing fields and woodland. Keep on the path as it sweeps to the right and follow it back to Hurst Green.