Walk: Garstang

Garstang walk.
Garstang walk.

Garstang, the world’s first Fairtrade town, is well known for its walking festival which takes place each year in May. Little wonder that the festival celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2013 with so much lovely countryside on the doorstep

From the rear of the car park join the riverside path that edges round the sports arena – this is part of the Wyre Way.

At the bridge take a flight of steps to the left and then cross over the river. Follow the track through two gates.

Seven hundred yards from the river the route enters a cutting.

Here take the lower path and then when you reach a stile turn left, climb the embankment and cross a stile into a large field. Go half right across the field, edge woods to its far corner.

Through a kissing gate cross the rail and motorway bridges and continue to a junction.

Keep ahead on the lane and at the next junction bear left.

Turn right onto a concrete track in front of Cross House. Keep on this for 350yds and as you approach Heald Farm take a footpath on the left which crosses a patch of scattered trees to a stile next to a metal gate.

Over this turn left through the middle of three gates, to the right of a barn. After the next gate cross to a ladder stile on the left. Over this turn right and follow the hedgerow up the hill. Keep ahead to reach Strickens Lane.

Here turn right and then left at the entrance of Lancashire Racing Stables. Here take a narrow path on the right which leads behind the buildings of LRS to a footbridge leading into a large field. Cross this to a V stile and continue to the left corner of a wood. Follow the path as it takes you down through trees to Calder Vale.

Turn right in front of Albert Terrace and continue in the direction of Primrose Cottages. Beyond the cottages bear right through woodland to a gate leading into fields. Keep the fence on the left as you cross to a stile and then join a grassy track which leads down to Sullom Side Farm.

When you reach Strickens Lane turn right. At Walker House turn left onto a footpath and keep ahead to a gate in the right hand corner.

From here bear left in the next field aiming towards farm buildings. Cross a stile next to a metal gate and turn right by the side of the house.

Turn left onto a track and in 50yds turn right onto a footpath continuing downhill. After passing farm buildings on the left bear left to a plank bridge and stile in the corner.

Follow the fence on the left across large fields and then at the end of a wood turn right over a stile.

Bear slightly right away from the hedge to stile next to a wooden gate. Cross the lane and continue along the track to pass Bailton’s Farm to reach the motorway and rail bridges.

Keep ahead and go through a metal gate into a large field. Aim for an isolated oak tree to locate a stile in the hedge just past it. Keep ahead to pass beneath pylons through a gateway. Following the hedge on the left cross the next stile and plank bridge, then aim to the right of farm buildings.

After a small gate keep ahead to stile and then follow the path to the complex of buildings close to the ruins of Greenhaigh Castle. Turn left to follow the drive back to Garstang. When you reach Main Street turn right for the car park.