Walk: Entwistle on Warpers trail

Warpers art map.
Warpers art map.

Entwistle located in the middle of the West Pennine Moors is best reached by rail. For generations ramblers from Blackburn, Bolton and Manchester have alighted there to spend a day exploring the fascinating countryside nearby. This walk follows one section of the Witton Weavers Way on a circuit taking in Turton, Edgworth and the lovely reservoirs close to Entwistle.

1. From the station walk up the ramp to join a lane opposite the Strawbury Duck. With the pub on the left turn right into Edge Lane.

Keep ahead on this, passing through the scattered hamlet of Edge Fold until you reach a metal gate.

Bear left and follow the track beyond as it gives out onto high rough pasture. 1.25 miles from the Strawbury Duck a farm drive comes in from the right, then 400yds after this turn left onto a grassy track.

As you descend along this, after passing a pair of gateposts, bear right heading down to the edge of conifer woodland. After a stile turn left to reach a footbridge.

Cross this turn left and follow the stream down to Entwistle Reservoir.

Follow the water edge path to its end and then turn right up steps to reach Batridge Barn car park. [An alternate start BL7 0NF]

2. From the left of the car park (with your back is to the reservoir) take a track leading up to Green Arms Road.

Once across the road turn left onto a rough track. In the distance you will have a clear view of Peel Tower. After 1 1⁄4 (30mins) the track meets a lane.

Here bear left as it takes you over the railway by means of castellated bridge. This decorative feature was insisted by the landowner when the Blackburn to Bolton line was constructed in 1848.

The lane beyond drops down to Chapledown Road (B6391) passing Turton Tower on your left. This was originally built in the 15th century as a pele tower.

Over the years changes and additions have created the fine country house you see today.

At the road turn left and then after 200yds turn right onto a footpath close to a World War II pillbox. The path soon drops through woodland to arrive at Jumbles Reservoir.

3. Cross the causeway at its northern end and turn left to follow a stream through woods.

As it comes close to the settlement of Turton Bottoms it crosses the stream by a cobbled bridge and then a short distance ahead recrosses it over a packhorse bridge.

For a short while on tarmac the trail skirts a modern and luxurious housing development to climb to a rise just below an isolated mill chimney, a remnant of the Old Russia Lodge Mill and one of the few mill chimneys in the area not knocked down by Fred Dibnah. The path crosses pasture above a pair of mill lodges on the left before dropping down to a footbridge. Cross this and turn right following a stream up to an elaborate weir.

After entering a patch of woodland bear left as the trail ascends to the village of Edgworth close to the village institute.

4. On reaching the road turn left. At the Black Bull turn right onto a footpath. This leads down to the end of Wayoh Reservoir. With the water on your left follow an undulating path as it makes its way up the eastern edge of the reservoir.

After 25mins the trail crosses Hob Lane and then continues besides water to enter woodland. The path bears round to the left to cross two footbridges and then climbs a steep rise. At the edge of the trees it passes through a kissing gate to cross a pasture to reach Edge Lane. Here turn right to quickly arrive back at the station.

Points of interest:

The Witton Weavers Way is a long distance path that explores the West Pennines close to Blackburn and Darwen.

While there is a dedicated route which the dedicated long distance walker can follow all the way around, thankfully for day walkers, the way is divided into four much shorter circuits.

The Warpers Trail officially starts and ends at Turton and Entwistle Reservoir Batridge Barn car park but as shown above is easily picked up at the station.