Walk: Billinge Hill

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Opposite the car park take the footpath which leads down to Westholme School.

Passing the school to your right continue on a track past cottages to the right.

Keep ahead edging a lawn to a stile.

Continue gently downhill with a fence on your left.

After 150 metres cross a stile on the left next to a metal gate and continue downhill with the fence now on your right to a footbridge over Arley Brook.

Cross the book and as you reach the top of the embankment turn left at first following the brook and then after a plank bridge bear right to a stile.

Over this follow the hedge on your right past an isolated farm house to reach Lodge Wood.

The path crosses a drive and then leads up to a stile by a metal gate. Cross the stile and turn left following the edge Woodfold Park Estate.

At a lane turn left.

Keep on the lane for 700 metres.

After Ravenswing Farm turn left onto a footpath leading down to a stile and enter a large field.

Keep ahead to a stile close to a metal gate.

Beyond this the path swings right aiming towards a tall radio mast.

When you reach the lane turn left.

You are now on Alum Scar Lane which leads down to Alum Scar.

350 metres after joining it bear left through a wooden side gate onto a broad track.

On the far side of Arley Brook the track climbs steeply to emerge close to Alum Scar House.

Turn left as you reach a drive.

In a short distance you arrive at Pleasington Road. Turn right.

In a little under 300 metres turn left onto the drive of Maiden House Farm.

The path is well waymarked as you cross fields with the hedge line to the left.

After the trail enters woods close to Butlers Delf it turns left and then before a property turns right on a path leading up to a stile crossing into pastureland.

Over this and keep heading up to the top of the hill.

From the top keep ahead towards a stile close to a tree. Do not cross but turn left on a footpath that after a patch of woodland drops down to Pleasington Lane next to the Clog and Billycock.