Walk: Altham

Map of walk.
Map of walk.

Squeezed between large industrial estates and close up and to the M65 it is not outwardly appealing. Yet as this route demonstrates, the area has a great deal of merit to compensate for the intrusion of the 21st century bustle.

Opposite the hotel on Whalley Road is the entrance to The Woodlands.

The route does not go into this delightful amenity but crosses to Warwick Avenue and continues alongside the park. Keep ahead to where the road turns to the right and join a footpath alongside the woods on the left and a major pipeline project on the right. After a kissing gate the walk assumes a more rural character.

Keep ahead to a second kissing gate giving out onto a farm track. Turn left. Just before the cottage turn left through another kissing gate to enter woods.

Follow the broad track and where it divides after 250yds bear right following a wall to the right which soon reaches open ground close by playing fields on the left.

The footpath reaches a drive amongst trees. Keep ahead to follow the path behind properties at first on the left and then between fences left and right. At the corner turn right.

Follow the enclosed path to reach a stile leading out into a field. Skirting the edge of Clayton Hall Farm on the right follow the path to a stile leading onto a track.

Turn left. Follow the track up to Red House Farm and follow it as it turns right through the cluster of buildings. After 100yds from the farm turn left onto a green lane.

This leads to Lower Moor Side Farm. Keep ahead on the broad track and as it turns left to another farm continue on a footpath through a metal gate. Ignore the waymark pointing right and continue on a grassy track that leads to Syke Side Farm on Burnley Road on the edge of Altham.

Turn right and after 100yds turn left onto a broad unsurfaced lane. Go left in the direction of Old Engine Cottage. This leads to a large vehicle yard. Pass to the left of the cottage and go through a stable yard to reach the field behind.

The path leads up to a stile close by an industrial estate. Turn right on a difficult to discern path that leads almost improbably to another stile. Across this turn left and follow the fence to reach a metal gate close by a pair of large containers.

Turn right and after passing through another metal gate bear right in the large pasture towards the end of a remnant hawthorn hedgerow.

Here enter a green lane that is not quite an avenue to reach a ruined farm. Behind the ruins a stile leads onto a path that soon brings you to the Leeds-Liverpool Canal.

Turn right. In less than 2 miles this will take you back to Clayton-le Moors. Exit at Bridge 114B. The waterway offers superb views across the Ribble Valley and the Bowland Fells.